Whole Smoked Rib Roast – Prime Rib Recipe.

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Mmmmmm…. meat. Smoked meat at that. I told myself that I would keep all the smoking and curing off the blog but this was just too good. The whole rib roast gets 4 hours in the smoker and then finished to your desired doneness on the grill. This is a pretty easy recipe. And the best roast I have ever made.

This all started with the complaint that beef tenderloin dries out on the buffet line. I had the thought that a whole rib eye roast would hold better. The marbling and fat would help it through. With 90 people coming, I just decided to cook and serve, no holding.

How then?

Enter my trusty smokers. Simple cheap Brinkman bullets. They can stay at 200 degrees for hours and that’s just what I needed. Low and slow. Why? It just leaves so much room to make mistakes. A half hour off? Not really a problem. When I say no problem, I smoked 42 pounds of prime rib yesterday and all was rare to medium rare. The few that wanted it more well done only took 60 seconds on the grill.

I threw it on the grill after resting a bit since the “bark” didn’t set up like a pork shoulder. But a few minutes of searing on all sides really made the outside delicious.

Yeah, I know that this is really simple. But it is great.


7 -10 pound boneless rib roast
1/4 cup salt
1/4 cup ground pepper
4 cups applewood chips

That’s it.


Lightly trim the roast of excessive fat. Do not remove it all; 1/4 to 1/2 is ok.
Rub the roast with the salt and pepper and place in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator overnight.

Soak the applewood chips in water.
Start the smoker and bring to 200 degrees – make sure that you have a water tray filled with hot water.
Yeah, actually if you don’t know how to use a smoker, write me. I’ll help you offline.

Smoke the roast for 4 is constant light smoke.
At about 3/12 hours, start a charcoal grill or bring a gas grill up to at least 500 degrees.
Pull the at 4 hours and let rest for 30 minutes.
Quickly sear the  roast a minute or two per side.

Slice to your desired thickness and meat out.


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