The simplest thing – chickpeas

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by Michael on January 15, 2012 · 0 comments

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I tried to think about the simplest thing that I make. At first I thought of eggs, really my Mom’s egg-bowl – two soft-boiled eggs over saltines. Easy as eggs right? But then the kids asked for the simplest thing ever for lunch. Chickpeas heated up with garlic salt and olive oil.

It’s really that simple sometimes. Not fussy or fancy but hits all the right notes. Nutty, brothy, filling and it has garlic. Throw a good piece of brad into it and you have dinner.

All we do is dump a can of chickpeas into a pot, give it a shake of garlic salt and a splash of  olive oil. Heat and eat.

Mom made this all the time and at 49¢ a can, it got me through college.



Here is how to soak and cook dried chickpeas at

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