Thaw that steak in 11 minutes or less.

by Michael on January 23, 2012 · 2 comments

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I’ve done it and I suspect that you have done it. But I always thought that I was breaking the rules. The talking heads on the food shows are always telling us that if you deviate from the Golden Rule of thawing – 12 – 24 hours in a closed container in the fridge – or everyone, even the neighbors, will die.

Well I quick thawed some meat for tacos yesterday and it got me thinking; was I doing something wrong. Really? How much bacteria could form in the 6 minutes that the meat took to thaw in the hot tap water?

So I poked around the web yesterday to find out. Apparently a quick soak in a hot tap water bath (120 -140 degrees in most houses) will help clear of the freezer and you will live. Plus, how many trips to the store have you made because everything was frozen?

BTW, never thaw meat in the microwave.It’s the best way I know to ruin your dinner.

NYTIMES: A hot water bath for your meat.

SciVerse: Sensory quality and food safety of boneless chicken breast portions thawed rapidly by submersion in hot water



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