Sous Viding Around.

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One of my online only friends has started a Facebook group for sous vide pasteurization, modern meat curing, smoking, grilling, and barbecuing. And while I have never met Norm, I joined the group. I like to cook and a challenge was offered.  I was particularly fascinated by sous vide. You see it now and again on the cooking shows and your mom probably did it in the 70’s with vacuum sealed bags in hot water. In this case, the food is sealed up in a bag and cooked at a low temp  for a long time. The idea is that over time the heat pasteurizes the food and kills the bacteria. What also happens is that the food really becomes tender. A london broil cut can get as tender as a filet. It just takes time for the enzymes in the meat to break down the toughness in the meat.

Last week I used the method to make a great sandwich. It’s magic. Cheap cuts of meat transformed into succulent bites.

Really, this works. I have started to incorporate the method into everyday cooking. Weekends mostly. It’s about as hard as crock pot cooking but with better results. Join Norm’s group on Facebook. I’ll post a short primer on the method soon.

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