Egg Bowl (the famous Egg Bowl)

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This is almost as simple as the last dish. Two soft-boiled or poached eggs over saltines with butter and pepper and salt to taste. This is basic food. This “I am pregnant  and not happy,” food. This is “6 beers too many,” food.


One order:

2 large eggs.
3 inch stack of saltines crackers.
2 tablespoons of butter (yes butter).
Lot’s of fresh pepper.
Kosher salt
A bowl and your favorite spoon.

Bring a heavy medium size pot of water to boil. About halfway filled.
Place eggs in water and cook for 4 minutes.
Meanwhile, crunch up the crackers in the bowl.
Add butter to bowl.
5 to 10 turns of pepper.
a dash of salt.

When the eggs have cooked, remove to a kitchen towel.
Use a butter knife to crack and open the eggs onto the crackers.
Use a teaspoon to scoop all of the egg out of the shell.
Mix up the eggs and crackers and enjoy.

Work with the time. Pots and burners can vary. The egg white should be almost just set and the yolks runny.

Here is another similar idea. Eggs en Cocotte at

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