BBQ dry rub for Pork, Ribs, Fish or Even a Shoe

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by Michael on February 4, 2013 · 0 comments

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Sorry I posted this a little late for the game. But if you got on it, you still have time for ribs for halftime. This BBQ dry rub works well on any meat.

This is my go to mix for BBQ. It’s the perfect way to make any kind of meat or fish happy. I even toss it into slaw and scrambled eggs. Just liberally coat the meat and let it sit for at least 15 minutes up to overnight before cooking.

I go to the grocery (or Big Lots, Wal-Mart, Ollie’s…) and get the 2.5 OZ bottles of the very cheap spices – usually $1.00 each. Fresh or brand name spices are not needed. What we want here is volume.

The picture is an 8 pound Boston butt six hours into an 8 hour smoke.

Grill on.


1 bottle of each:
Onion powder
Black pepper
Garlic powder

½ cup salt
1 cup brown sugar


Mix in a food processor until the dried spices are well blended. Keep in an airtight ziplock. This will make enough for an entire grilling season.

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