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January 5, 2012 · 1 comment

I am Michael Muscarella. I have been writing recipes for the past four plus years. Around 700. Actually I have written them down in a notebook for over 25 years, But I decided to formalize it in 2010.  I don’t often cook from recipes. They usually don’t work unless you know how to cook already.  Since I tend to make it up as I go along,  I cooked and worked backwards to write the recipe. Then I cooked forward through the recipe to get it right. I have tried to make the recipes as easy to follow as possible. I think by really breaking down the steps, I removed the “recipe” part of the  recipe and hopefully showed you how to cook a little.

To that end, I plan to offer a list version and a prose version of each recipe. And I would also like to eventually get to a video version that combined both.

So why all this? My mom was a great cook. Not one cookbook around and no recipes. She  just cooked. She knew what she wanted it to taste like and had a pretty good  grounding in HOW to cook so it all just worked. When I told her about this site, she commented that she used to just write the name of the dish down in a notebook just so she remembered it was something she liked. I wanted to do more; there are things that my kids love and I wanted that documented. There are dishes that my family loves and my mom and I are the only ones that know how.

But really, great food is easy. Cooking is easy if you know the tricks. And, while I hope to publish a cookbook at some point, I would like to make great strides into proving to you that you don’t need another cookbook.





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1 Christine Little January 21, 2012 at 9:39 AM

Hey! I found your blog. And I subscribed. I like your style of writing recipes and I like the commentary because I can hear you saying it. Nice job, there Michael.


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