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October 2013

OK, here we go. First, if you and went and bought a whole bone in shoulder, well, don’t follow this recipe. Chuck that thing on the smoker and get back to us in 12 hours. We need to start out by mixing the cure and trimming up the pork.

Here is what you will need for the cure:

1 part pink salt
4 parts sugar
8 parts kosher salt

First, make sure you use granulated sugar and kosher salt. Second, work by weight. so 1 ounce of pink salt, means 4 ounces of sugar and 8 ounces of kosher salt. The key is to get the right mix. Do not use regular iodized table salt. Not only will the taste be off the mix will be too salty.

OK, mix that up well and place in a 1 pint glass jar. This is more than enough cure for the entire process.

The other ingredients:

1 whole head of garlic peeled
2, 1-gallon zip lock bags

Hopefully you have two 4 -6 pound boneless boston butts. These need to be trimmed of any loose ends or flaps, You want a nice smooth cut of meat. Press your flat hand down on the center, if it has that nice half an oval shape (like deli meat) the you are good to go.

Coat each side with plenty of fresh ground pepper and a light dusting of nutmeg (if you can grind it fresh, all the better).

Next lightly coat all sides, edges, corners and parts of the pork with the cure. The goal is a thin coat all over – and I mean all over. Place each roast in a zip-lock bag.

Crush the garlic with the back of a chef’s knife and divide in half. Place the crushed garlic on each side of the meat. Press as much air out as possible and zip the bags shut. Place both flat in a pan. Place a heavy brick on top of each and place in a refrigerator. Flip once a day for five days.

Remove after five days and take the pork out of the bags. Rinse each one well with cool water and pat them dry. give each another coating of the cure mix and place them into new ziplock. Put them back in the refrigerator with the brick on top and flip them for 5 days. repeat this part again in 5 days.

Stay tuned for part 4.



A while back I just showed some cured ham and the place went nuts. The homemade Prosciutto gets almost 50% of the hits on the site. Go figure.

So starting Saturday or so, A step-by-step week-by-week cook… well cure along will get underway. Start looking for those free range shoulders now and order your pink salt, nutmeg, garlic  and kosher salt.

We will not be making actual Prosciutto. but a cured ham simple enough. And if you have a deli slicer or great thin flexible knife I won’t tell. Plus I may smoke one of these and pretend its speck to boot!

Go out and buy two boston butts without the blade bone. They should weigh 5 to 6 pounds. The plan will come together next Saturday.

Also go get the pink salt. Lem Cure, sodium nitrate. Check at Bass Pro, Cabellas and shop online.

Yes we can all argue about what this is. But not what it will be; a cured dried ham.

Check back Saturday!

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