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July 2012

Summer. It’s not hard to describe. Usually it brings to mind vacation. Lazy days at the beach or lake with little on you mind. I remember the anticipation of hitting the waves in early May. When I was young, it was with my brother as we grew up in Westhampton. As I got older it was with still great friends and my bride of 24 years out at Ocracoke Island. That anticipation has always gotten me through the bleak late winter months.

But one thing, above all, has meant summer to me. The simple homegrown tomato. And this dish is just about my favorite food (just behind a sandwich of white bread toast, tomato and mayo).

As odd as it might sound, the tomato is an anchor in my life. It is a staple in a lot of what I cook. It”s also a memory that pushes me forward. I can’t tell you how many tomato sandwiches my Mom and I shared when I was a kid.

Gut Clark once sang “Ain’t nothing in the world like a homegrown tomato.” I can’t agree more.

The simplest way to serve them is sliced and dressed with olive oil, fresh basil and garlic salt. And yes it has to be garlic salt. Mom once told me that is just the way it is done.



We used to live out in Chandler, AZ., and there was this cowboy place called Rawhide just North of town. The place has since shut down and gone the way of most of the Old West kind of establishments. But it left its mark on me and I think that it is important to share. “The Cotton Picker”: Scrambled eggs with fresh green onions and bacon

It has been replaced by the faux Rawhide Tourist Trap and Steakhouse. It’ s sad what goes and what stays. When you look back, the things that are gone mean so much more.

The old Rawhide had some great breakfast items I had never seen. The best was the Cotton Picker. If you like green onions, bacon or eggs this is the breakfast for you. The bacon, onions and eggs are almost in the same proportion. It sounds like a lot of green onions but they totally make the dish.

Enjoy a little Southwest goodness on your breakfast plate.


8 eggs
8 strips thick bacon
1 bunch fresh green onions – 1/ ½ cups chopped
2 tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper


Mix the eggs in a bowl and season with pepper to taste – no salt!
Set aside.

Fry the bacon in a heavy skillet until just crisp –not too much.
Remove to a paper towel to cool.
Chop the bacon

Remove all but two tablespoons of bacon renderings and turn heat to medium high.
Add the butter and melt until it bubbles.
Add the eggs and chopped onions and fold a few times.
Add the bacon and fold a few more times and cook until the eggs are set to your liking.
Season with salt if needed – the bacon may be salty enough.

The eggs should be a bit soft and just set. But to each their own.

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